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We’re impacting nations by blessing local and global communities with our giving! This year we’re focusing on expanding our reach for Jesus in the heart of Atlanta and assisting a ministry in Uganda with bringing stability to refugees and training believers to spread the gospel throughout the continent of Africa. It’s an honor to support our brothers and sisters near and far.

Every Year


As believers, we’re called to go and make disciples of all nations. This is the heart behind Christmas Gift to the World. We annually come together and focus our generosity on both a global and local ministry. We’ve seen God do so much over the years in the areas of sex trafficking, the building of ministry facilities, the digging of water wells, the launch of churches, and the impact of nations. Be a part of this incredible blessing.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
– Mark 16:15
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We have seen hundreds of lives being committed and recommitted to Jesus annually, dozens of baptisms, continuous growth in annual attendance and so much more! Our heart has always been to reach the city of Atlanta for Christ, and we’ve been extremely blessed to extend that reach into Midtown over the past three years. As the congregation grows and renting in-town gets more demanding, our need for a permanent “home” has become more imperative.

It's time to claim our place in the city, to continue to walk out Victory's pillar of transforming community, and make a difference for generations to come.



His-Sickles International Mission (HIM) cares for and teaches youth and refugees to release passionate ministers of the gospel throughout Africa.

Born in the Visioneering Class at Victory World Ministry Training Center (VWMTC) in 2004, HIM began operations in Yei, Sudan (now South Sudan), in June 2005, partnering for 11 years with local ministries in the young nation. HIM is now based in Arua, Uganda and plans to build a ministry base that will further bring stability, education, discipleship and empowerment to the people they serve.

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